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Open the Door to Independence

Our mission is to teach and empower differently-abled adults as they learn and pursue the skills necessary to achieve their full potential in lifelong independence
  1. Open the Door
    Open the Door
  2. To Independence
    To Independence
Headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, The CALI Project (Community Alliance for Lifelong Independence) is a 501c3 public benefit, nonprofit, transitional program.

Our unique program will offer differently-abled adults a learning centered home environment for three days of each week where they receive intensive, life skills training.

The CALI Project’s main purpose is to support the consumer as they transition from the family home and gain the tools needed to live as independently as possible. 
  1. HOME
    Our unique life skills training revolves around the three day a week stay in a CALI Transition Home (CTH) where the young adult that is leaving the family home will learn and practice the life skills necessary for their personal level of independence.
  2. community inclusion
    Community inclusion is essential to our consumers. We help with identifying and accessing community resources available to the individual that will enhance his/her community, social and home life.
    CALI acknowledges a person's individuality, background and lifestyle choices. We are committed to helping consumers work with and around their abilities and disabilities alike to be the independent person they choose to be.
Our Values
We believe that individuals have the right to choose, live, and grow in the ways they find purpose. 

We value everyone's abilities for what they are and how we, as coaches, can learn and grow from the interactions we have with each individual consumer. We strive to use these positive lessons to make our business, our team, and our partners better able to develop personally and professionally on an ongoing basis.

We consider our consumers to be an asset to our community and we choose to assist them in their pursuit of independence in the safest and healthiest way possible.

Community Alliance for Lifelong Independence is still in the process of being vendored by the San Andreas Regional Center (SARC). If you or someone you know is interested in our program please feel free to contact us, however it may take some time before we can accept consumers that are funded by SARC.
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831-313-CALI (2254)